Just out from Goodmusic- In Roseland for trombone and piano or brass quintet featuring trombone. Nice colour picture on the cover - the usual high standard of printing from Goodmusic.

Re another Goodmusic publication, Ileana Ruhemann wrote: I took Four for Flute along to a talented student I have...she is only 11.I had a cold and wasn't feeling great and she was tired after a long day at school....I suggested we sight read your piece. We ended up basing the whole hour on your beautiful music, discussing the rhythms you had chosen for each movement and how 'the prisoner' title was reflected in the music...she loved the harmonies so much in bars 37 and 38 that I had to show her how to play them on the piano...The mood that you capture in each movement is just so lovely and we were both in so much better moods at the end of the lesson..Thank you SO MUCH for sending it


Good to be writing for Simon Ible again. My Moorland Music - three movements (hike, stroll and canter) premiere as part of the Dartmoor Resonance Music Festival on June 18th.